Welcome to Sperling

Welcome et bienvenue to École Sperling Elementary School.

Our school is dual track and offers the Early French Immersion Program as well as the English Program for Kindergarten to Grade 7 students.

Our school plan consists of two goals: Social Responsibility and Mathematics.

  1. To further expand upon and develop students’ abilities to use a variety of methods to communicate and represent mathematical concepts and processes.
  2. To continue to build and improve upon students’ social responsibility in both the classroom and school community.

Aside from a dedicated staff, we have a very strong and committed group of volunteer parents. They sponsor many activities and events including monthly meetings, hot lunches, classroom programs, fieldtrips, reading initiatives, fun fairs, walking and safety programs and activities for children. We also have a parent group called the School Planning Council (SPC) who contributes to the implementation of the school goals.

Our school is a strong advocate in developing life long learners. We believe in fostering socially responsible students within a caring educational environment.

Mme Karen Floyd